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What to do With Inherited Land in Florida

When you inherit any type of real estate, including land, after losing a loved one, it can be overwhelming, especially when you add the complications of probate or shared inheritance among multiple beneficiaries. If you’ve inherited land and have no need for the property, you’re likely considering cashing in on the inheritance. Once you’ve ensured … Continued

3 Reasons to Sell Your Land in Clearwater

Diversifying your investments among several market sectors in your real estate portfolio fortifies your security in retirement. For example, investing in raw land, which historically increases in value over time, offers a long-term hedge against inflation (and now that is even more important). Additionally, land can lend itself to creative ways for investors to earn … Continued

5 Things a Clearwater Listing Agent isn’t Going to Tell You

If you’ve decided to sell your Clearwater home, stop looking for a listing agent and consider your options before making a costly mistake. Not all properties and not all sellers fit perfectly into the standard MLS listing model. Some home sellers are under pressure to carry the expenses of relocating before selling their home. Time … Continued

How to Sell Your Clearwater Land and Re-Invest for Higher Profits

While a great deal of thought is involved in buying an investment property, the exit strategy is a crucial phase of ownership that investors must plan, as the wrong moves at this time can be costly. For example, avoiding taxes by utilizing the rules of a 1031 exchange allows you to reinvest the profits from … Continued

How to Talk to Your Kids About Moving Out of Florida

Moving with kids is never easy, but the stress can increase when you move out of Florida. While adults may understand that the move has to happen, it can be overwhelming when your children learn their world will change, and there may be some upset.  We’ve gathered some valuable tips for parents in this situation … Continued

3 Misconceptions People Have About Selling Their Clearwater Homes in 2022

The methods for selling a home have changed and made old beliefs about what is required to sell a house have become obsolete. So read on as we explore three of these lingering misconceptions people have about selling their Clearwater homes in 2022.  Prep Work and Repairs  One of the people’s misconceptions about selling their … Continued

Why You Should Rethink Selling Your House to a Clearwater Investor

With a strong seller’s market, you may wonder why selling your home to a professional investor would make sense. Unfortunately, not all properties and not all situations allow for listing and selling a house on the Clearwater real estate market. When a traditional listing isn’t the right fit, you may seek another more convenient option. … Continued